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It does not make sense to pay extra for your diamond jewelry when you do not have to. After all, there is no such thing as “NEW” diamonds. ALL diamonds are millions of years old.

At H. & B. we have a large selection of beautiful reconditioned jewelry for all occasions: anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and holidays. If you want a specific item, or quality of diamond that we do not have in our inventory, we will make a request on your behalf to our large network of jewelry professionals. We are connected to over 500 other wholesale diamond dealers and pawnbrokers all over the country. More than likely someone will have just what you are looking for. Then, at no cost to you, or obligation to buy, we will have the item shipped to our store for you to examine.

We encourage you to shop around. Visit any retail store and then compare what we can provide for you. Keep in mind, that no one throws their jewelry away. At H. & B. if jewelry is not redeemed from pawn, it continues on its journey to a new life. The jewelry is refurbished and sold, redesigned and sold, or recycled. We resell jewelry for often half of the price of retail stores. We carry jewelry to fit every budget, from $59 to $59,000. Once you have purchased jewelry from H. & B., we are certain that you will never go back to the retail stores again.