Guitars and Musical Instruments

Quality instruments for less

Guitars and other Quality Musical Instruments for less

Pawnshops have long been a treasure trove for musicians.  Our Portland store has instock - guitars, drum sets, and a wide variety of quality musical instruments

Whether looking for the budding beginner or experienced professional, H&B Jewelry & Loan has an excellent selection of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, amps, and effects pedals.

The names you know, Martin, Epiphone, Guild and more. Electric and acoustic, and combinations for a rich vibrant sound either way.

Treasures are out there, we invite you to find yours. We have some of the most beautiful guitars on display you'll see, solid silver flutes and loads of brass too. The showroom lets us display nicely many options so you can make the best possible choice.

Look at our selection of wind instruments, microphones and an assortment of other musical instruments in a range of prices to fit every budget. For about the same cost as an entry-level instrument at a "music store", you can buy high-quality, brand name equipment. Talk about bang-for-the-buck!

While a talented musician can make even a low quality instrument sound good, for the beginner a quality instrument will be more pleasurable to play, and you will be happier to practice your instrument if it sounds and performs well. Any musician will tell you, when you are starting out, buy a quality instrument. A high quality instrument always makes a big difference for a new musician.

H & B Musical Instruments

What kinds of instruments can you expect to find at H&B Jewelry and Loan Co?

  • - Acoustic Guitars
  • - Electric Guitars
  • - Bass Guitars
  • - Violins
  • - Cellos
  • - Saxophones
  • - Trumpets
  • - Electronic Keyboards
  • - Amplifiers
  • - Percussion Instruments
  • - Much, much more...

If you are looking for something special, don't hesitate to call!

Please contact us with any questions you might have. Don't forget our 7 day money-back guarantee! No questions asked. You see, since 1948 we have made sure that our customers return as our friends, and generations of satisfied artists found their perfect instrument right here.

As with everything else our inventory is constantly changing. Keep coming in to see what's new or you might miss out on something special.